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JOSIPA LISAC, the beginning of a 40th aniversary

JOSIPA LISAC, the one and only true croatian diva, will start her long awaited tour in support of her first ever release. Anthological and legendary piece of music, an album Dnevnik Jedne Ljubavi. It’s hard to believe that it has been 40 years since its’ release. It still sounds fresh and new as the day it was released.

To kick off the selected tour dates,  Josipa Lisac and her band will make their first appearance in years at the capital of Austria, in Wienna on November 11th. The place is Akzent Theater. The gig is nearly sold out as we speak.
This will be first out of many shows that are scheduled for 2013. through out Croatia and the region. Also a number of gigs are beeing booked for some european countires as well. All of the gigs should be an extravagnza feast for eyes and ears. Josipa is exclusevely represented by LAA agency! To be in the loop with the rest of the tour check out


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