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STONEBRIDE are the purveyors of their own philosophy, sound and dedication to music. Unwreckable live entity! Combining influences from everything they can but staying true to the original , addictive and interesting musical expression. STONEBRIDE nurtures heavy, dark colored sound, alternative , psych amped vibes driven by trance feeling, prog moments with steering the wheel into desert, sludge and doom Rock territories. Month long and short circuit tours, clubs, festivals, roaming the most of the European land.  STONEBRIDE is a live machine you want see over and over again. They’ve directly supported, toured and shared stages with the likes of : Karma To Burn (USA), Kyuss Lives! (USA), Stinking Lizaveta (USA), Master Musicians Of Bukkake (USA), Black Math Horseman (USA), True Widow (USA), Yawning Man (USA), Get Hustle (USA), The Freeks (USA), Colour Haze (D), Suma (SWE), Blowback (SWE), Lonely Kamel (NO), Djevara (UK), Alix (IT), Zippo (IT), Seven That Spells (CRO), Tombstones (NO), Samsara Blues Experiment (D), Glowsun (F), Jud (D/USA), Dukatalon (I), 1000 Mods (GR), Tarentatec (D),  Shever (CH), Zatokrev (CH), Unhold (CH), Vandal X (B), Toner Low (NL), Talbot (ES) etc. 

 STONEBRIDE - promo pic 1 b)




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