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Australasia have a new video out!

“Antenna” is the name of the song by these fine italian gentlemen.Video for the song was crafted by Tim Van Helsdingen, dutch visual artist. Enjoy!

Adam Jones [TOOL] pulls out the ring!

I know, I know it doesn’t always has to be something mystique/in the shadows/from the Universe when it comes to mighty Tool. As long as the news of the new album come by the water drop through the media and band members themselves, these are the rare moments of joy while we wait. Seems that the strings are getting tighter and tighter in Adam Jones‘ songbook. He proposed to his girlfriend, two nights ago in a quite crowded place. Check it out for yourself :

adam jones

At The Drive-in reissues ‘Relationship of Command’

Legendary albums by these fine post hardcore gang of musicians will be reissued in the next months. ‘Relationship Of Command” + ‘Acrobatic Tenement’ are due to be out in March and April. Jim Ward, the guitarist of the band, who were shortly reformed in 2012. said :  “It was interesting to revisit the recordings that bookended the first chapters of our band. The earnest and pure excitement of the beginning and the level of craftsmanship we achieved by ‘Relationship Of Command’ leaves me nothing but proud. I am happy these records have found their way to continue to feel new as people discover music they love and embrace our work.” ‘Acrobatic Tenement’ will be available from March 25.  ‘Relationship of Command’ will be available from April 22.


Tyler creates with Miley Cyrus

Tyler,The Creator of Odd Future rap notoriety is to be featured on Miley Cyrus’ new album. By her own words it’s suppose to be one of the highlights on the new record. “I wrote this song with Mary J Blige, and Tyler the Creator heard it and said, “I am obsessed with this song, and I will guest on it if you promise me that you will keep it on the album.” And he killed it!”

"VH1 Divas" 2012 - Arrivals

Mark Lanegan to appear on the new QOTSA album

Long time partner in [music] crime with the infamous Queens Of The Stone Age, mr. Mark Lanegan will be contributing on the bands’ new album. This news was published on QOTSA Facebook saying ”Lanegan came by. He didn’t say much, but he sang good.” Lanegan and Homme go waaay back, since the aftermath of Kyuss in the mid 90′-es when he joined for a while as a guest guitarist for Screaming Trees. Seems like the ‘‘Songs For The Deaf” era line up is coming back again.  Dave Grohl recorded drum parts as well as Nick Oliveri who hammered down some bass work. Still no news on when the album is finally coming out. The band has been confirmed to play some european festivals this summer.


It’s out and FREE !

Released in honour of  Satan Panonski, 21 year after his mysterious death.Featuring a bunch of killer bands/authors from Croatia! Each representing their own take, sound and vision on the legacy of this legendary punk, musician, poet and artist.
Support, share, download :


Tribute to Satan Panonski, out soon!

Coming soon!!!
Many great croatian bands/authors on it.It will be available as a free digital download via bandcamp.

Stay tuned…

Tracklist revealed!
Release date 27.1.2013.

01. Zayn – Slavica (Intro)
02. Bleeding Fist – Hard Blood Shock
03. Petar Punk – Iza Zida
04. Hesus Attor – Odreži, Nareži, Zareži
05. Karmakumulator – Tiho/Bajka
06. Stonebride – Pogledaj Majko Krv
07. Nina Romić – Dječakova Pjesma
08. Pogreb X – DM
09. E.N.D. – Advokat
10. Cojones – Croatia
11. Brain Holidays Sound System – Oči U Magli
12. She Loves Pablo – Kad Kletva Hoće
13. Snob – Trpi Kurvo
14. Fraktura Mozga – Dragi Sine Moj
15. Very Expensive Porno Movie – Lepi Mario
16. Zayn – Instrumental (Outro)