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D[ust] S[torm] W[arning] – debut album

DUST STORM WARNING is a four piece,  fuzzy/desert/heavy  rock outfit, formed in 2010. Hailing from Lecce, the South of Italy.  They are the part of the flourishing italian and european,  let’s called it the ‘stoner’ scene [God, I hate that term]. Side by side with many bands from Italy, Greece, Germany etc., they want to find piece of their own space. With the support of Acid Cosmonaut Records we wish them to make it happen.

Their debut delivers songs about coyotes, spaceships and sand dunes. Something we could expect from the desert/stoner rock band. Packaged in a beautiful digipack and some serious production, DUST STORM WARNING is on the way of self exploration through their own anthems. As a relatively young band sometimes it can be a cliché for them of songs going to a direction that has been pawned before. On the verge of influences such as UNIDA, KYUSS, FU MANCHU, SIXTY WATT SHAMAN, LOS NATAS and similar warriors.

But, still they maintain to put their own signature on top of it. ”Outrun” opens the album in a way it should be. Groovy, heavy and with an upbeat which makes you wanna go and drive your motorcycle as fast as you can. Vocals are really reminiscent to those of John Garcia but with more gruff attitude to it. Oh, and there’s that ending riff in the song which  is so addictive [and short] that you’ll repeat it back and forth. Even though the album is 11 songs long, there are 3 instrumentals which prove these boys are capable of further development of their sonic and playing possibilities.

Pay attention to “Dune,” “Sherpa” and “Wasteland.” There’s enough blues inflicted melodies that’s gonna make you visit the crossroads yourself. Whole lotta going on as same as South American brothers in music arms are going for [referring to a flood of awesome bands]. Vast and endless spaced out searching and soul questioning. They have a good start. Fine record with deep and nice production to it. Professional from any angle looked at. There’s no doubt DUST STORM WARNING are pretendors for the fuzz heavy desert rock throne. If they maintain the path chosen , I think the next one will be the BOMB!