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Mark Lanegan to appear on the new QOTSA album

Long time partner in [music] crime with the infamous Queens Of The Stone Age, mr. Mark Lanegan will be contributing on the bands’ new album. This news was published on QOTSA Facebook saying ”Lanegan came by. He didn’t say much, but he sang good.” Lanegan and Homme go waaay back, since the aftermath of Kyuss in the mid 90′-es when he joined for a while as a guest guitarist for Screaming Trees. Seems like the ‘‘Songs For The Deaf” era line up is coming back again.  Dave Grohl recorded drum parts as well as Nick Oliveri who hammered down some bass work. Still no news on when the album is finally coming out. The band has been confirmed to play some european festivals this summer.


Dave Grohl back with QOTSA, again

It never was a secret that heavy hitting Grohl and Homme have a unique bond. The news of Grohl returning at the QOTSA skins came as quite a surprise in the industry. He will be handling the drum duties for the new album, scheduled for a 2013. release.

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