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Josh Graham leaves Neurosis

Read the full statement from the band members and Josh himself. We wish him luck and many new, exciting adventures.Text was taken from

As of today, after much thought and discussion, visual projections as we have presented them over the last 20 years will no longer be part of Neurosis live shows. We are going to begin the process of reinventing our live presentation. This process will begin at zero, allowing the music to speak for itself and lead us where it may. Whatever form or however long this may take is unknown. This also signals a parting of the ways with our visual artist of the last twelve years, Josh Graham. Read the rest of this entry


Honor indeed found

NEUROSIS came a long and hard road since their hardcore  metallic punk beginnings 27 years ago. They changed, evolved and slowly but surely made their own style, sound and rules of doing it. Often a battle aginst the odds. The path many tried to follow but failed. Many tried to copy but couldn’t deliver. But still, many cited and praised them as a major influence. The whole genre(s) were named after what Neurosis put foundations to but they never accepted it as something of their own. They always opened up to the maximum and gave the last piece of themselves. The blood, sweat and soul to the stages and to the masses.

As an entity, musicians, creative force, collective and what not else Neurosis waited 5 years, since ‘Given To The Rising‘ was released. That puts them almost to the TOOL album waiting period category. Individuals haven’t kept quiet though.  Jason Roeder bashed the drums with legends reunited of  SLEEP fame, Josh Graham kept his A Storm Of Light up and running like a well oiled machine. Scot Kelly, one of the two bands axemen and founding member has been touring solo and released 2 albums already this year [The Forgiven Ghost In Me & Songs of Townes van Zandt]. The first one with accompanied band called The Road Home and second is a collaboration with fellow Neurot guitar grinder Steve Von Till, including also the ‘dad of doom’ himself, mr. Scot ‘Wino’ Weinrich. This joint venture resulted in giving honor and tribute to the legacy of Townes Van Zandt, whose songs these cats interpreted and made them their own.

It was the right timing to again hire their long time album sound engineer  Steve Albini. This adventure dates back from their ‘Times Of Grace‘ album and continues to deliver the bands true, sonic form to tape. ‘Honor Found In Decay‘ is their sixth in a row collaboration. Albini managed to give the band whole new aesthetics when he started working with them 13 years ago. New approach which Neurosis embraced and again put them ahead of the game. In the last trilogy of albums, ‘A Sun That Never Sets‘ for me personally still stands out as an album that changed most of the underground music affiliated with Neurosis and their contemporaries. The musical direction itself took the parts of doomy folk, ‘wall of sound’ rock trembling structures, as well as some of the best lyrics written to date.

‘Honor’ starts with an easy, melancholic guitar melody mixed with some background synth sounds directed by Noah Landis. An upbeat tempo kicks in and ”We All Rage In Blood” begins to unshape. All the way through the middle of the song Von Till is grasp howling over the top of it, just to be replaced with their signature down beat sludgy riff right after a slow build up in between. Great opener!

Next two ‘At The Well’ and ‘My Heart For Deliverance‘ are the longest tracks on the album. Clocking over ten minutes brings out in Neurosis ‘The Eye Of Every Storm” and ”Given To The Rising” albums kind of deliverance and feel. Pulls you in and holds by the throat in order to fully concentrate on what’s coming through the speakers.  ‘Bleeding the Pigs’ is next on the menu. If they were ever to write a ‘balad’ based on how would Swans have done it feeling like Neurosis, than this song is definitely it. Double singing of both fine gentlemen Kelly/Till, awesome tribal drumming and a wall of heavy, occasionally dissonant guitars in the background. At least on the loudest part of the song. Let the apocalypse come in! Oh, there’s also a speech at the end, a sample of some weird woman voice, I think. Couldn’t quite understand what’s she saying.

Finally, we come to ‘The Casting Of The Ages‘. The finest and best song of the entire album. Neurosis managed somehow to put into their opus another immortal song. This one goes shoulder to shoulder with ‘The Doorway‘ , ‘Locust Star‘, ‘Stones From The Sky’, ‘A Sun That Never Sets‘, ‘Season In The Sky‘ and couple more. If there were any vikings still left and about to be buried, followed by a band to mark the occasion, it would be Neurosis playing this song. Absolutely perfect!

Before us lays veils of water
Behind us sets the sun
We’ll sleep with no dreams tonight
Tomorrow leave as one

“All Is Found…In Time” brings back some tension in.  Jason maintains heavy cruising on the tom-toms that lead the way into the  half-time passage. Killer mid tempo riff! Again, Landis creates that dark atmosphere on the verge of best Floyd-ian textures, just to be ascended back to the intro and out of this realm. Closing track ‘Raise The Dawn’ keeps you on toes as Von Till slowly sings. You can feel something heavy is about to happen and it does. Crushing, doom coloured riff that shakes the grounds of Earth. Spiced in the background with synth sounds to create the mood of walls coming down.

Overall, this album offers the kind of Neurosis you are used to. It sounds new, fresh and challenging. If the world is slowly decaying, they indeed managed to found honor to write the soundtrack for it. Music for the soul and feast for the ears. Just go out and see them live [even though they rarely tour as much as they use to] and buy the album, support the band.