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”Bend To Transcend” coming to you LIVE!

Renegade outfit called COJONES have a new record out!

It’s called ”Bend To Transcend” and will smash your face in. These Croatian monsters of heavy riffing and epic choruses are set to conquer your ears once again. Three years after their ”Sunrise” debut they made a step up in crafting their music. Slightly moving away from the ”desert/stoner” genre, ”Bend To Transcend” is a full blood rock record. Aforementioned influences are still present, but wrapped up in totally contagious melodies. You will be sitting tight and listening closely throughout the whole record.

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Hercules & Love Affair, project from a DJ genius and author Andy Butler, will have their kicks in Tvornica Kulture. The city of Zagreb, the date December 15th. After beeing concentrated with their ‘live’ outfit, Butler continues to deliver some of the nicest dance grooves with his new Soundsystem crew. It’s sort of a hybrid between live and DJ set.

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GEENGER RECORDS concert night

Can’t Fake NatureEmbassy 516 and Go No Go are three very interesting (and very different bands) who had a release put out by Geenger Records earlier this year. Read the rest of this entry